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Urban dictionary

In Uncategorized on September 13, 2011 at 4:03 pm

During my communications class last Friday, one of my students told us about the site, I’m really impressed.

For most of us past a certain age, it is not always easy to stay current with the language. is a great resource to help us do that. I’ve always believed that it is important to keep learning, and to stay current with our language.

That doesn’t mean that we should always use all the words we know. I had my class laughing this morning when I asked them how ridiculous it is when a middle-aged woman like me uses words like “bling,”  which I understand is on the way out, or “ice,” which is the more current word to describe jewelry.

So here’s one example from  Regret Ceiling. That’s the point at which someone stops feeling remorseful about a thought, comment or action. So here’s the example, straight from the site, “I hit the regret ceiling last night regarding my comment toward Jody’s weight several weeks ago. Her fat ass just needs to get over it.”

Trying to improve our vocabulary shows initiative. It can also help us with our interpersonal skills

Please remember, though, to  be appropriate when you use examples from I don’t want to have to SMH, or shake my head, when you try to sound younger than you are.


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