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Competency-based accomplishment statements: the key

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When clients ask me what is the most important thing they can do to make their competency-based systems work more effectively, the answer is simple:  teach your employees to recognize competency-based accomplishments and write competency-based accomplishment statements.

So, let’s look at a few competency-based accomplishment statements, competency by competency.

     Achievement/Results Orientation

  • Reduced average time needed to resolve EEO complaints from one year to thirty days while working at Chicago transit Authority; streamlined department processes and increased accountability of key EEO officers.
  • Recognized by museum board for bringing in first $1 million gift from individual donor in museum history, 2010.


  • Developed memo for reporting resolution of cases being handled by firm for Boeing; recognized by manager when memo adopted as standard for other attorneys in firm.
  • Built first telemarketing program at major university, eventually generating $3 million per year in donations; trained 30 students to call alumni based on fundraising model developed at University of Maryland.

What makes these statements effective? They are very targeted to demonstrating what the person has accomplished in key competency areas. They are specific and give concrete examples so the decision-maker knows what the person has done in the past that proves they will be successful in the opportunity in their own organization.

Now, here’s the key question:  Can you write this type of competency-based accomplishment statement yourself?  If not, please call me at 713.831.6881.