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Jury duty

In Uncategorized on January 13, 2011 at 12:42 am

Faced with jury duty?

Consider the positives: 

  • A chance to use your analytical skills in an entirely different way.
  • An opportunity to influence other jurors and the outcome of the case. 
  • Another way to use your interpersonal skills.  
  • And perhaps,  the opportunity to prove that you’ve demonstrated your leadership skills.

If you haven’t watched the original version of the movie, 12 Angry Men, you just may want to rent it soon. One person – the character played by Henry Fonda – made a difference in the verdict that jury delivered. It is still a truly wonderful film. Fifty-four years after it was made, it is still relevant (although it is hard to imagine many juries today that have only white men as members).

So, the next time you have to go to jury duty, consider shifting your attitude and consciously thinking about the competencies you may be able to develop.

Can anyone guess what I did today????


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