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Prove competencies with accomplishments

In Uncategorized on December 2, 2010 at 4:18 pm

Since it is December, I thought I’d start talking about how to position yourself to get a better rating on your  performance review. One of my more favorite clients showed me her list of accomplishments for the year after I had completed a training program for American Express on how to write better competency-based accomplishment statements. One of her statements was, “Wrote 20 triggers for system.” 

When I started asking her competency-based questions probing for more information about what she  did, I discovered she had improved data security and data integrity 30% on that system because she had identified the need to develop a tool to track changes in the system and worked with a programmer to develop and validate the tool. I helped her write that  into a good competency-based accomplishment statement and told her I thought it was impressive. She took the statement to her director, he nominated her for an employee award for the work, and she won the award.

The interesting thing is that she originally didn’t think the work was significant because she completed the work in one week. Using competencies to identify key accomplishments lets people focus on work having the most direct impact on their organization’s success. When you look at how little her original statement said, it makes me wonder how many employees are doing really good work and not communicating it effectively with their managers – not taking the credit for it.

Employees need to provide  better, more complete competency-based accomplishment statements so the performance appraisal process works the way it should.

  1. I think this makes a lot of sense. Often, we downplay our own accomplishments, or fail to see them as our employer might see them. Making a list of accomplishments that relates closely to the goals of the organization – and not how many time they took or how easy or hard they were for us to do- has to make it easier for both our employers and ourselves to evaluate the work.

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