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WikiLeaks and competencies

In Uncategorized on December 1, 2010 at 4:35 pm

After reading about the information published this last week by WikiLeaks, I started thinking about how important it is for us to be more strategic with the information we make available to others.

One aspect of the competency, Impact and Influence, involves calculating the effect of our words or actions on others. If we choose to share information that others may perceive as inappropriate, what does that do to our credibility with that group? I will always remember the woman who told 25 of us at a holiday event that she had heard from someone who worked at a pediatrician’s office that her well known neighbor and his wife were suspected of abusing their son. If I had a personal problem, I don”t think I’d share it with her!

When we think about social networking, we need to be even more conscious of the possible effect of what we write about…blogging and what we write on LinkedIn or FaceBook geometriocally increases the number of people we can potentially influence all over the world.  Today, I received a LinkedIn invitation from a lawyer in Macedonia!

So please think about the impact of what you put online. Remember, what you write may be evaluated based on another competency, Integrity, and also say something about your Interpersonal Skills.


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