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Remember to be thankful

In Uncategorized on November 22, 2010 at 6:50 pm

Okay, so today I’m going to talk about my plans to brine a turkey for the first time for Thanksgiving and how that might give me a competency-based accomplishment to use in the future.

Which competencies? Initiative, for sure. Impact and influence? Well, I did have to explain to a key person who will be at the table that brining involved salt, which he likes, and water, so the change isn’t a bad thing. Analytical skills?  I found the Emeril recipe online, and then thought about talking to my friend Paula Hanson, who is a very good cook, and she recommended the Alton Brown Good Eats Roast Turkey (with brining) recipe she used last year. Results? I’ll let you know after Thanksgiving!

Here’s to a wonderful Thanksgiving in 2010.


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